UK Flag Registry

The Flag Institute maintains and manages the UK Flag Registry – the only definitive record of the national, supranational, local and community flags flown in the UK and the Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories.

National | Supranational | County, Region, Island and Province | City, Town and Village

Several types of local or community flag may qualify for inclusion in the UK Flag Registry:

  • cities, towns, urban districts and villages
  • historic UK counties
  • other types of traditional area – e.g. region, island or province

Excluded are the flags of modern administrative entities (e.g. local authorities) and flags subject to copyright restrictions.

The UK Flag Registry only records flags freely owned and used by the people of the community or area represented.

Any flag must also meet the Flag Institute conditions for registration.

For further details, or to report any unlisted flag in common use, contact:

  • , Communities Vexillologist OR
  • , Chief Vexillologist

And to buy any flag in the Registry, contact a Flag Institute Registered British Flagmaker OR Trade Member.