ICV5 London

ICV5 was held in London, 13-18 September 1973. The congress was organised by the newly formed Flag Institute.


The following papers were presented:

Whitney Smith: The Symbols of Peace and Pacifism
Published in Flag Bulletin 18 (6): 211-22, as ‘Symbols and peace and pacifism: introduction’; Flag Bulletin 20 (1): 11-22, as ‘Symbols of peace and pacifism: the dove, olive branch and white flag’.

J. H. Rombach & Klaes Sierksma: Les drapeaux officiels aux Pays-Bas
Forthcoming in PDF format.

Howard Madaus: The Evolution of the Color Guard in the US Army
* Unpublished; no known copy.

Arnold Rabbow: A Vexillological Outlook on Colour Specifications
Published in Flag Bulletin 20 (3): 95-104, as ‘Flag Color Specifications’.

Cor Pama: Flags of Nineteenth-Century Republics in South Africa
Forthcoming in PDF format.

Günther Mattern: Flags of Switzerland and its Cantons during the French Revolution and Napoleonic Era
Forthcoming in PDF format.

David Lister: The Transition from Mediæval to Modern Flags
Available below in PDF format.

W. A. van Ham – Symbols from the ‘De Gortter’ Manuscript from Malines
Forthcoming in PDF format.

H.D. Birk: The Great Imperial Standard as Reflected in the Heraldry of Württemberg
Published in Flag Bulletin 13 (2): 33-49, as ‘Die Reichssturmfahne: Standard of the Holy Roman Empire’.

Linda Osborne: Flags on Silver Ingots
Available below in PDF format.

Atle Grahl-Madsen: An International Standard for Flags
* Unpublished; please see related articles by this author in Flag Bulletin.

Georges Pasch: Les fonctions du drapeau et le développement de la conscience socio-politique
* Unpublished; no known copy.

Klaes Sierksma: A Tribute to Karl Fachinger
Forthcoming in PDF format.

Klaes Sierksma: Presentation of the Medal of Honour of the SBH [to the late Karl Fachinger]
Forthcoming in PDF format.

Klaes Sierksma: Opening Address
Forthcoming in PDF format.

Four short films were also presented at the congress.

If you have access to any paper marked here as * unpublished, please contact the Flag Institute Librarian.

Papers (PDF format)

The Transition from Mediæval to Modern Flags
David Lister
Flags on Silver Ingots
Linda Osborne