Commander Bruce Nicolls RN

We are sad to report that Commander Bruce Nicolls RN died on 2 July 2023 at the age of 91. Bruce served in the Royal Navy (1946–82), where he first became interested in vexillology and heraldry. He was a prolific designer of flags, including those of Guernsey, the Mary Rose Trust and the Royal Naval […]

Greenknowe Tower, Berwickshire

Flag for Berwickshire

Design an official flag for Berwickshire! That’s the challenge to groups and individuals set by a new competition launched last month. The contest – run by Berwickshire Civic Society with support from the Fallago Environment Fund – offers a first prize of £250. The Court of Lord Lyon and the Flag Institute will also register […]

Katie Ayers displays her knitted Union Jack

Knit your own Union Jack?

Knit your own Union Jack? Why not? Buckinghamshire-based Katie Ayers set herself this challenge and turned to us for vital information. Our Union Flag Specification gave her the correct proportions to plot the number of stitches. Then she started with a number of smaller examples… and just kept going. You can see a proud Katie […]

The official Aberdeenshire flag flies over Castle Fraser at its unveiling, 22 April 2023

Aberdeenshire flag unveiled

The official Aberdeenshire flag has been unveiled at a ceremony at Castle Fraser on Saturday 22 April 2023. Five students from two local primary schools contributed to the winning design and were there to hoist their flag. Lord Lieutenant Sandy Manson, Communities Vexillologist Philip Tibbetts and scores of locals also attended the event. Aberdeenshire is […]