Library Catalogue

Welcome to the William Crampton Library Catalogue – an open-access, itemised index of research and scholarship unique in the flag world.

From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, from Zaragoza to Aberdeen – find books, articles, cuttings, letters, research notes, artwork, photographs and more.

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  • Full catalogue updated annually, incorporating new additions and newly indexed older items
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Library Catalogue – how does it work?

The catalogue consists of eight columns headed A to H.

The default order is: Columns A, C, D, E.

Column A: main heading

  • normally the name of a country
    • each country appears under its modern name
    • each vanished country appears under the name of the closest equivalent modern state
  • also includes
    • works on International Organisations
    • general or multinational works on any categor(y/ies) listed in Column C

Column B: time period

  • specific to individual countries, representing significant changes in the style of the national flag

Column C: type of symbol

  • General
    • works covering more than one symbol
  • National
    • representing the state
  • Head of state
    • includes immediate family (if applicable)
  • Government
    • government departments and their agencies
  • Naval
    • rank, appointment or dignity
    • individual ships, units, formations or commands
    • marines
  • Military
    • rank, appointment or dignity
    • individual units, formations or commands
  • Air force
    • rank, appointment or dignity
    • individual units, formations or commands
  • Civic
    • units of local government
  • Political
    • political parties
    • other political movements e.g. dissidents or separatists
  • Sports
    • organised sports, governing bodies and clubs
  • Other
    • any organisation not otherwise included
  • Ecclesiastical
    • organised religions
  • Ethnic
    • a community as an ethnic group rather than a nation state
  • Display and use
    • regulations and customs of flag protocol
    • attitudes of a community towards its flag(s)
  • National identity
    • as expressed through flags and other symbols (more general than ‘Display and use’)

Column D: author(s)

Column E: title

Column F: title of journal (articles only)

Column G: journal volume, date, page reference (articles only)

Column H: notes

Which journals are included?


CHF (Finland), Coat of Arms* (UK), Dragonlore* (UK), eFlags (UK), Emblemata (Spain), Emblèmes et Pavillons (France), Estandarte (Argentina), Флаг (Russia), Flag Research Quarterly (US), Flagfax (UK), Flaggenforum (Germany), Flagmaster (UK), Flagscan (Canada), Heraldry Society Flag Section Newsletter (UK), Heroldi (Georgia), Info FIAV (FIAV), Macedonian Herald (North Macedonia), NAVA News (US), New England Journal of Vexillology (US), Raven (US), SAVA Journal (South Africa), Seaxe* (UK), Somerset Dragon* (UK), VAST News (US), VexiInfo (Czech Republic), Catalana (Catalonia), Vexil’Oc (Occitania), Vexilla Belgica (Belgium), Vexilla Italica (Italy), Vexillacta (Belgium), Vexillologia (France), Vexillum (US), Vexilloargentina, VIBE Newsletter (Ireland)

* relevant articles only

In progress:

Ar Banniel (Brittany), Banderas (Spain), Crux Australis (Australia), Drapeaux et Pavillons (France), Flag Bulletin (FRC), Flaga (Poland), Flaggen, Wappen und Siegel (Czech Republic), Flaggenkurier (Germany), Flagwaver (US), Gaceta de Banderas (Spain), Grb i Zastava (Croatia), Le Cabinet des drapeaux communique (Germany), Nordisk Flagkontakt (Scandinavia), SAVA Newsletter (South Africa), Vexilla Helvetica (Switzerland), Vexilla Nostra (Netherlands), Vexilla Notizie (Italy), Vexillae Francia (France), Vexilloid Tabloid (US), Vexilokontakt (Czech Republic), Vexilolog (Czech Republic), Vexilologie (Czech Republic), Vlag! (Netherlands), Zászlómúzeum Info (Hungary), Znak (Ukraine)

To catalogue:

Blazon- kaj flag-bulteno (Czech Republic), Flaggenmitteilungen (Switzerland), Info-Bulletin (Netherlands), Irish Vexillology Newsletter, Lieuhat Värit (Finland), Uniformenmarkt (Germany), Vexillinfo (Belgium), Vlaggen-Info (Netherlands), assorted sample or specimen titles