ICV10 Oxford

The 10th International Congress of Vexillology (ICV10) took place in Oxford, 25-30 September 1983.

The joint organisers were the Heraldry Society and the Flag Institute.


The proceedings were published in Flag Bulletin 26 (1-3):

M.J.R. Allen: Flags of Note in the Imperial War Museum, 6-12

Elsie H. Blechta: The Pine Tree as the First American Flag, 13-18

Aleš Brožek: A History of Czechoslovak Ensigns, 19-26

George F. Cahill: Nova Constellatio: the English and French Connection, 27-29

Dan Cernovodeanu: Flags of the Navy and Merchant Marine of Walachia and Moldavia, the United Principalities and Romania 1834-1897, 30-46

W.G. Crampton: The Promotion and Acceptance of Political Symbols with Particular Reference to the German Flaggenstreit of 1926, 47-56

James O’Hara Denny III: The Flag of the Cincinnati, 57-63

David Drake-Brockman: Vexillology and Phaleristics, 64-72

Roger Harmignies & Michel Lupant: Royal Pennants and Flags of Belgium, 73-88

Volker Junge: Standardization in Vexillology, 89-95

James Marill: St Blaise and Liberty: the Flags of Ragusa, 96-110

Ottfried Neubecker: The Flags of Albania, 111-37

Bruce Nicolls: A Sense of Proportion, 138-42

Bruce Nicolls: The Talking Flags at Trafalgar, 143-51

Whitney Smith: The Flags of Abemama, 152-63

Paul Warming: A Surprising Vexillological Discovery Made through the Study of Heraldry, 164