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Please contact the Flag Institute Media Team.

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Query about flags or flag flying?

For free, expert information and advice, please contact the Flag Institute Enquiry Team.

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UK government department, foreign or Commonwealth government, or military unit seeking advice on symbols and flags, or requiring a formal Flag Institute statement, judgement or ruling?

Please contact the Chief Vexillologist.

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Please contact the Administrator.

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The Correspondence Secretary will quickly find the right Flag Institute expert for you.

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Or please write to: The Flag Institute, William Crampton Library, 161 High Street, Kingston-upon-Hull HU1 1NQ, United Kingdom.

COVID-19 update: at present this mailbox is unstaffed. Please use email for any urgent enquiry.

PLEASE NOTE: the members of the Media and Enquiry Teams receive no payment from the Flag Institute for their time and expertise. Lengthy research, consultancy projects and live or recorded interviews may therefore attract a small charge to cover freelance fees and any related travel expenses.