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Everyone is welcome. Expert or novice, vexillologist or vexillographer, flag geek or flag nerd. UK and worldwide. Individual, group or trade.

Why join or renew?

As a member of the Flag Institute, you join an international network of flag experts and enthusiasts.

Member exclusives include:

  • our twice-yearly, 48pp, full-colour magazine  Flagmaster
    • in print and/or PDF
  • access to our complete Flagmaster archive
    • every issue (No.1 to date) in PDF format
    • identify articles in the Flagmaster Index
    • browse | search | translate | convert text to speech
  • twice-yearly ‘What’s New in the Library’ update
  • voting rights
  • opportunities to volunteer as a trustee or officer
  • a coveted Flag Institute pin

And, of course, everyone can enjoy our Spring and Winter conferences.

How to join or renew

2024/25 rates

  • individual
    • digital (£22)*
    • print: UK (£29) | Europe (£39) | World (£46)**
    • UK taxpayers may opt to Gift Aid their subscription (digital or print)
  • group
    • print: UK (£51) | Europe (£62) | World (£72)**
    • for non-profit organisations: schools, libraries, colleges, museums, government departments etc
  • trade
    • print: UK (£72) | Europe (£83) | World (£88)**
    • for commercial organisations: flagmakers, publishers etc

* digital membership: Flagmaster in PDF | open to members worldwide

** print membership: Flagmaster by post | UK, Europe and World bands set by Royal Mail Postal Zone

Change in renewal dates

Please note an upcoming change in our membership renewal dates.

From 1 July 2024 the following dates will apply:

  • 1 October 2024, and each 1 October thereafter:
    – all members joining or due to renew 1 July–31 December 2024
  • 1 April 2025, and each 1 April thereafter:
    – all members joining or due to renew 1 January–30 June 2025

You’ll receive reminders when your subscription is due, and any unpaid membership will lapse after two calendar months.

We need to make this adjustment to streamline our renewals administration.

Many thanks for your ongoing support during the changeover.