ICV27 London

27th International Congress of Vexillology

ICV27, hosted by the Flag Institute, took place at Imperial College, London from 7 -11 August 2017.

Proceedings of the 27th International Congress of Vexillology

All 43 papers, listed in presentation order, are available to view or download in PDF format.

Anne M. Platoff: Little Leninists: flags, symbols, and the political socialisation of Soviet children

Tiago José Berg: Vexillology with high school students

Edward B. Kaye: American city flag redesign: a welcome change

Kevin Harrington: Flags and the anniversaries of 2017: myths, mistakes, misconceptions

Christopher Maddish: Colour coding and new vexillological avenues for flag design

Pierre-Jean Guionin: Album des pavillons nationaux et marques distinctives: from lithograph on paper to paperless digital

Victor Lomantsov: Flags of trade union sport societies in the USSR

Sekhar Chakrabarti: Variant of a political party’s flag doubling as the national flag: confusions and controversies

John Cartledge: Red for danger

Ralph Bartlett: Flags by King for country

Rachel Phelan: What’s up with the big green flag? The conservation of the flag of the Irish Republic

Roberto Breschi: A vexillological treasure in Florence: a story in three acts

Manuela Schmöger: kommunalflaggen.eu: a wiki about municipal flags

Scot Guenter: Historical shifts and emergent paradigms: tradition, ideology, sources of power and influence in flag studies

Alan Hardy: Yellow everyone: the standard colour set, a common ratio, contrast and individualities

Cédric de Fougerolle: Ex-libris and vexillology

Ralph Kelly: A flag for the Empire

Ladislav Hnát: Party flags, colours and logos in the 8th European Parliament

Thai Vexillological Society: History of the Thai flag

Barbara Tomlinson: Using and extending the flag collection at Royal Museums Greenwich

Marcel van Westerhoven: Polderboard flags: requiem for a dream

Bruce Berry: The beloved green and white: (white) Rhodesia’s search for a unique symbol of identity

Stoyan Antonov: Flags of Bulgarian municipalities

Hervé Calvarin: Doubts and certainties in vexillology

Jos Poels: Where the Gambia River gives life: a tribute to Gambia’s flag designer Louis Lucien Thomasi

David Chkheidze: The flags of contemporary Georgia

Aleš Brožek: The survey of flags used by rowing clubs in the Czech Republic

Avelino Couceiro Rodriguez: Cuba y Puerto Rico: dos banderas … de un jaro las dos alas

Patrice de La Condamine: Women and flags

Uroš Žižmund: Two flags, two proposals: a new system of national and rank flags of Slovenia

Stan Zamyatin: County flags of Ireland

Željko Heimer: Historical origins of contemporary Croatian municipal flags

Tony Burton: Budgie smuggling: flag mayhem in Malaysia

Alain Raullet: The third way of raising flags in Brittany

Roman Klimeš: The Czech Olympic Committee and its symbols in 1912

Carlos Alberto Morales Ramirez: Zoogeographic vexillology of North America: exploring endemism in subnational flags

Nicolas Hugot: A journey through constitutional vexillology: a survey of the constitutions of member states of the United Nations

Xinfeng Zhao: The flags of Genghis Khan

Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg: Five rings to bring them all: a presentation of the Olympic flags

Attila István Szekeres: The evolution of the Szekeler flag in the last four centuries

Rob Raeside: The development of the subnational flags of Canada

Aleksander Hribovšek: The new Association flag and the flags of the officers (Heraldry Society of Slovenia)

Theun Okkerse: The obverse-reverse paradox: reading flags differs fundamentally from reading text