About the Flag Institute

Who We Are

The Flag Institute is a members’ association and UK-registered charity devoted to the study and promotion of flags and flag flying (vexillology).

Founded in 1971, we are an independent organisation – international, inclusive and informed:

What We Do

Our purpose is to advance public knowledge, understanding and use of flags.

We do this – in person, in print and online – through our magazine, events, library and publications:

  • documenting, celebrating and promoting flags in all their diversity
  • sharing knowledge, opinion and ideas
  • supporting the design and adoption of new flags

But that’s not all …

We also serve as the authority on flags and flag flying:

  • enquiry line – for individuals, organisations, trade and media
  • expert comment on current and breaking news
  • advice to the UK Parliament, national and local government, diplomatic services, military units and more
  • home of the definitive UK Flag Registry
  • free online guidance – flag design, UK flag protocol, Union Flag or Union Jack and more

Join Us

Joining is easy and great value, with membership available from just £21 a year:
  • Individual: print or online
  • Group: schools, libraries, colleges, museums, central or local government etc
  • Trade: flagmakers, publishers, other commercial organisations

For more information, including current subscription rates, please click here.

Flying Our Flag


The flag of the Flag Institute is a stylised representation of a quarter of the Union Flag, creating a dynamic image of vexillology moving forward.

Designers: Graham Bartram (Chief Vexillologist) and Philip Tibbetts (Communities Vexillologist)