Join the Flag Institute

The Flag Institute has members in about 40 countries and an extensive exchange programme with other nations’ flag associations. We hope that you join us. We have a wide membership from those who are just enthusiastic to those who are international experts in the field of flags.


Membership categories

The Flag Institute offers a total of five types of membership. All members will receive Flagmaster four times a year and can attend the meetings of the Institute.

Individual membership

  • Individual Electronic Membership. £20
  • Individual membership for UK residents. £26
  • Individual membership for non-UK residents of Europe. £37
  • Individual membership for residents outside Europe. £42

Group membership

This category is aimed at groups such as schools, libraries, museum, councils, government departments, etc. The groups can send one or more representative to the Institute’s meetings, but only have one vote. Membership fees are £40 per year.

Trade membership

If you are in the flag trade, a publisher or other commercial organization then this is the category for you. You can find out more about trade membership further down this page. Membership fees are £60 per year.



The Flag Institute publishes its full-colour 24-page journal four times a year. It’s full of interesting articles on a wide range of flag-related subjects, and news of new flags and developments.

Members’ Area Website

Download research notes, past presentations and publications from the Flag Institute in the secure members’ area of the website


The Flag Institute holds meetings twice a year. The Annual General Meeting is in November with another meeting in Spring. Each meeting has talks on flags and an opportunity for members to show items from their own collections. Each meeting is followed by a dinner, informal in the Spring and the President’s Dinner in Autumn. All members are welcome to attend. Members from other countries attending a meeting have full speaking and voting rights, but membership of the Council of the Flag Institute is only open to UK members for practical reasons.

Flag Institute library

Members may make use of the archives and library of the Flag Institute and consult the books and documentation. Located in Hull, it is the largest archive and library of flag-related documentation, books and magazines in the UK, probably the largest in Europe. Appointments are necessary.


Members are entitled to advice and information from the Flag Institute on any matter concerning flags, including design, usage and protocol.

The Flag Institute provides advice and assistance to many organizations, both private and governmental, including the MoD, DCMS, DCLG, FCO, BBC, ITN, Statesman’s Yearbook, Jane’s Fighting Ships, Reader’s Digest and many publishers, museums and libraries.

Trade members

In relation to flag matters, the Flag Institute is the largest documentation and resource centre in Europe. Its material is constantly being updated and expanded. By joining the Flag Institute you will have access to this store of information. Trade members are entitled to:

  • An information service by phone and email
  • Up-to-date changes to flags
  • Free use of high quality flag images
  • Links from the Institute’s website
  • The opportunity to present at meetings
  • Advice on planning matters
  • Introductions to overseas flag makers
  • The opportunity to attend meetings and events

Trade members also have a unique opportunity to help shape the development of flag production and usage, and to meet other representatives of the flag trade to examine current and on-going issues.