Flag of Latvia: From the blood of heroes

BY ALEX CROUCH It was 25 years ago this Friday (27th February) that Latvia re-adopted their current flag, the same one they’d used from the day the country declared its independence from Russia: 18th November 1918. But the story behind Latvia’s flag dates back over 700 years. Legend has it the leader of a Latvian […]

Flag of the Week – The Gambia

By ALEX CROUCH The Gambia’s flag celebrates its 50th anniversary on Wednesday (18th February). That date also marks the golden anniversary of Gambian independence from the United Kingdom. Just as the River Gambia flows all the way through the middle of the African nation, the blue of their flag also runs all the way through […]

Flag of the Week – Canada

BY ALEX CROUCH Canada’s iconic Maple Leaf flag celebrates its golden jubilee this coming Sunday. It was officially unveiled on 15th February 1965 on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, having been proclaimed as the new flag of Canada by the Queen just over two weeks before. It was the brainchild of George Stanley, a Dean of […]

Flag of the Week – Chile

BY ALEX CROUCH The flag of Chile is approaching its bicentenary, having been adopted on 18th October 1817 – roughly five months before independence from Spain was declared. Only the flags of Denmark (1370), the Netherlands (1572), U.K. (1606) and U.S.A. (1777) are older by adoption date. Chile’s flag, known as La Estrella Solitaria (The […]

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