Flags at Half Mast for King Abdullah

By Alex Crouch The flying of Union Flags at Half Mast following the death of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has not been welcomed by some who question the nation’s human rights record. Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson MSP tweeted: “Flying flags at Half Mast on gov[ernment] buildings for the death of Saudi king is a steaming […]

A New Flag for Birmingham

The City of Birmingham, England’s second city and the largest local authority in Europe, has formally launched a flag competition for a design to be registered with the Flag Institute. Deputy Lord Mayor Cllr Mike Leddy, chair of the Birmingham Flag Project Team, said: “You may well think that Birmingham already has a flag, but […]

Flag of the Week – USA (51-stars)

BY ALEX CROUCH The flag of the U.S.A. is perhaps the most recognisable in the world, and depending on your perspective it symbolises the land of the free and the home of the brave, or, is the face of everything that’s wrong with the world or just your country. So when angry business owners in […]

Flag Institute: Change of Official Address

Orginally based at the Beaumaris home of our founder Dr William Crampton, and then for many years at the Naval Club in Mayfair, the Flag Institute’s official headquarters is now HQS Wellington following a vote of members at the 2014 AGM. Built at Devonport in 1934, HMS Wellington served in the Pacific before the Second […]