Flag of Moldova: 25 today

BY ALEX CROUCH Today (27th April) marks the silver jubilee of Moldova’s flag. The flag itself, a blue, yellow and red tricolour, is almost identical to neighbouring Romania’s, reflecting their cultural and national affinity. What distinguishes the two is Moldova’s coat of arms (a dark golden eagle with an Orthodox Christian cross in its beak […]

The many Crosses of St. George

BY ALEX CROUCH St. George’s Cross, a red cross on a white background, is recognised around the globe as the flag of England. King Richard I of England (Richard the Lionheart) is believed to have adopted St. George’s Cross as his flag during his crusades. Red crosses were also used by English soldiers throughout the […]

The West Indies Federation Flag

BY ALEX CROUCH The West Indies Federation existed from 3rd January 1958 – 31st May 1962. Its flag was designed by Edna Manley (1900-1987) who is considered to be the ‘mother of Jamaican art’. Her design was a blue background with four undulating horizontal white stripes to represent the Caribbean Sea, the upper two stripes […]

Easter Island’s Flag

BY ALEX CROUCH The flag of Easter Island, a special territory of Chile, was first flown in public alongside its parent nation’s flag on 9th May 2006. Adorning its white background is a red Reimiro, an ornament worn around the chest. The Indiana University Art Museum says: “The Reimiro was worn by both men and […]

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