Flag of Yemen

BY ALEX CROUCH This Friday (22nd May) a unified Yemen – and its flag – will celebrate their silver jubilee. Twenty-five years ago the new country needed a flag, and like many of Yemen’s Arab neighbours, the nation took lots of inspiration from the Arab Liberation Flag. First used in the Egyptian Revolution of 1952, […]

Flag of Norway: The mother of all flags

BY ALEX CROUCH Norway’s flag is by no means the oldest in the world, though having been designed in 1821 by MP Fredrik Meltzer (1779-1855), it is older than most. With proportions of 8:11 it certainly isn’t the largest. It isn’t unique in design either since all of Scandinavia (except Greenland) uses the iconic Nordic […]

Flag of Berlin

BY ALEX CROUCH The flag of Germany’s capital city was officially adopted in May 1954 as the flag of the free city of West Berlin. Since the unification of Germany in 1990 the Landesflagge (state flag) has become the flag of the whole city. Designed by vexillologist Ottfried Neubecker, the 3:5-proportioned red-white-red horizontal tricolour with […]

Flag of Moldova: 25 today

BY ALEX CROUCH Today (27th April) marks the silver jubilee of Moldova’s flag. The flag itself, a blue, yellow and red tricolour, is almost identical to neighbouring Romania’s, reflecting their cultural and national affinity. What distinguishes the two is Moldova’s coat of arms (a dark golden eagle with an Orthodox Christian cross in its beak […]

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