East Lothian and Sutherland Flags unveiled

The winner of the East Lothian flag competition was unveiled on the 13th December at a reception hosted by the Lord Provost, after 1500 people voted.

The design plays homage to county as home to the legendary origin site of the Saltire. The lion recalls that on the civic arms, referring to the Earldom of Dunbar and East Lothian’s role in defending the nation. The gold colour recalls the sunlight of the Lothian regions traditional Sun symbol.

The winner of the Sutherland flag competition was unveiled the following day by active and retired sailors from HMS Sutherland, accompanied by the Sutherland Schools Pipe Band.

This design symbolises that Sutherland was were the Viking and Scottish lands met, with colours inspired by the former civic arms. The sun refers to the name ‘Sutherland’ as the sun rises highest in the south.

Both flags will appear on the Flag Institute’s registry in due course.

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