Flag of the Week – The Gambia


The Gambia’s flag celebrates its 50th anniversary on Wednesday (18th February). That date also marks the golden anniversary of Gambian independence from the United Kingdom.


The Gambia’s flag was designed by private accountant Louis Thomasi.

Just as the River Gambia flows all the way through the middle of the African nation, the blue of their flag also runs all the way through its middle. The red symbolises the Sun and Savannah (given The Gambia’s close proximity to the Equator its capital, Banjul, experiences over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year). The green symbolises The Gambia’s agriculture and forests, while the two white stripes denote unity and peace.

The flag has remained a constant since The Gambia’s independence, and remained unchanged during their seven year confederation with Senegal (1982-89).

Bonus Fact: Since its 2013 general election, Luxembourg has been governed by a three party coalition dubbed ‘The Gambia Coalition’ after the colours of the coalition parties: Democratic Party (blue), Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party (red) and The Greens.

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