Design a flag for Aberdeenshire

Design a flag for Aberdeenshire!

The Aberdeen Press and Journal has launched a competition to find a flag for the county.

They are looking for a design that is simple but distinctive.

One rich with a symbolism that makes it unmistakably Aberdeenshire.

A flag that represents the whole of the county and its people.

Flag Institute Communities Vexillologist Philip Tibbetts offers more detailed guidance:

A Flag for Aberdeenshire: Meet the expert who knows the secret to a great design

Entries close on Saturday 8 October 2022.

An assessment team – including members from the Lieutenancy, the Flag Institute and the Lyon Court – will review all designs and draw up a shortlist.

The shortlist will then go to a public vote, with the winner announced in early 2023.

Read more and learn how to enter your designs:

A Flag for Aberdeenshire: Enter your designs as competition launches




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