Flore, Northamptonshire

Flag Type:  Town Flag
Flag Date:  12 March 2012
Flag Designer:  Children of Flore
Adoption Route:  Town Council
UK Design Code:  UNKG7509
Aspect Ratio:  3:5
Pantone® Colours:  Purple 258, Yellow 109, White
Certification:  Flag Institute Chief Vexillologist, Graham Bartram

The plum blossom flower represents the Goddess ‘Flora’ and the original name of the village ‘Flower’. The curved stamen recalls the view from above of a maypole, which is part of the traditional festival honouring Flora and badge of the local primary school. The wavy diagonal field division reflects the River Nene that passes through the village. The golden yellow colour represents the crown of the May Queen & the warmth of the Community. The plum is the indigenous ‘Flore Plum’ which was thought to have been brought to the this area by the Romans from Damascus (A Roman site sits on the south side of the village). The purple colour continues the reference to the plum and symbolises the numerous fruit orchards of the town – which had more than any other in the county.

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