Coventry, Warwickshire

Flag Type:  City Flag
Flag Date:  7th December 2018
Flag Designer:  Simon Wyatt
Adoption Route:  Popular Vote
UK Design Code:  UNKG7541
Aspect Ratio:  3:5
Pantone® Colours:  Blue 549, Black, White, Grey 422
Certification:  Flag Institute Chief Vexillologist, Graham Bartram

The Coventry flag was the winner of a competition run by BBC Coventry & Warwickshire. The design featured Coventry’s famous heroine, Lady Godiva, who represents the city’s ancient heritage together and the strong principles of its people. She is placed on a broad white pale, the colour of which represents the modern history of Coventry as a city of peace. Either side of the colour blue recalls the sporting colour of the city and the Coventry Blue dye used in the historic textile industry.

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