Flag of South Sudan

South Sudan, the 193rd and most recent edition to the United Nations, adopted its flag 10 years ago today (9th July). Today also marks the fourth anniversary of their independence from the Republic of Sudan.

The flag itself is the same one used by the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, and similar to that of Sudan’s and neighbouring Kenya’s in construction and colour.

South SudanPan-African colours (black, red, and green from top to bottom) represent the people, martyr’s blood and South Sudan’s agricultural resources respectively. The white, as usual, symbolises peace after many years of war. The blue chevron represents the White Nile, which runs all the way through the young nation. The angled yellow star represents the 10 states that make up the country.

Bonus Facts: South Sudan and South Africa are the only nations whose flags feature six colours in their primary design.

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