As the UK’s national flag charity the Flag Institute is an enthusiastic publisher of original research and opinion on the subject of flags and flag use. Wherever possible the Flag Institute is keen to assist with the publication of reasoned opinion for the purposes of debate, and of original research for the purposes of peer review and debate. Where such research presents robust and reasoned conclusions which reflect the official view of the Flag Institute, the Board of Trustees may elect to brand any resulting publication as An Official Flag Institute Guide

British Flags & Emblems

Book cover

In 2004 the Institute published its first book, British Flags & Emblems by the Institute’s Chief Vexillologist, Graham Bartram, and with a foreword by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. You can read more about this book, and buy it online, by clicking here.

Flying Flags in the United Kingdom


In 2010, in association with the Flags & Heraldry Committee of the UK Parliament, published a new guide to British flag protocol, Flying Flags in the United Kingdom. The 16-page booklet is designed as an easy to use guide for anyone with a flagpole, from government departments to private individuals. The booklet has been sent to every council in the UK, and is available to read online or download from this website.

Flags for churches


The Flag Institute has also published a poster, Flags for churches. This is an area that the Institute receives lots of queries about so we thought it would be a good idea to produce a simple poster that tries to answer these questions. You can read more about the poster by clicking here.

Publications exclusively for Members

Since 1971, the Flag Institute has regularly published its journal, Flagmaster, and since 2006 this has been in full colour. Posted every quarter to members, you can find out more about the journal in its own section and exclusively to members online, the Flagmaster Archive containing previous editions in PDF format.

Research Notes

are an occasional series of papers, covering areas of keen vexillogical interest. They are made available exclusively to members of the Institute in the Members’ Area, or you can read a contents listing here.

The Colours of The Fleet

is an ambitious ongoing project, commenced in the mid 1990s, to list every flag and ensign bearing the Union Flag in the canton, past and present – over seven hundred in all. It has recently been published by the Flag Institute and is only available from the Members’ Area in PDF format, numbering eighty-six pages.

If you’d like access to these and the other benefits of membership of the Institute, you can join online now, or read more about membership.