Flag Institute

The Flag Institute is an independent membership organisation and UK charity, funded entirely by member subscriptions. Founded in 1971, it documents, celebrates and promotes flags in all their variety, sharing knowledge, opinion and ideas – in person, in print and online.

Proudly international in scope and outlook, the Flag Institute welcomes members from across the globe. It is a full member of FIAV (Fédération internationale des associations vexillologiques) – a federation of 51 regional, national, and multinational organisations worldwide – and the three-time host of the biennial International Congress of Vexillology (ICV), most recently in London in 2017.

In the absence of a UK Flag Act, the Flag Institute acts as the de facto authority on flags flown in the UK and the Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories. It provides expert advice to national and local government, diplomatic services, military units and more. It encourages local communities to create and adopt a flag through open competition and democratic vote. And it maintains the free UK Flag Registry as the formal record of current designs.


Novice or expert, vexillologist or vexillographer, flag geek or flag nerd – Flag Institute membership is open to all.

Individual, group and trade memberships are available, priced according to band (digital, UK, Europe or World).

  • Group membership: ideal for schools, libraries, colleges, museums, government departments (local or central) etc.
  • Trade membership: open to flagmakers, publishers and other commercial organisations.

Membership benefits include:

  • Flagmaster: enjoy exclusive access to the authoritative, full-colour journal of the Flag Institute in its new, expanded, 48-page format (print and/or PDF)
  • Spring and Winter Conferences (free registration): meet and talk flags with an international mix of speakers and members
  • President’s Dinner/Drinks: round off your Conference in style with good food, good wine and good company
  • Writing/speaking opportunities: share your research and enthusiasms via Flagmaster or from the Conference podium
  • William Crampton Library: explore the Flag Institute’s unique research and documentation centre
  • PDF resources: free or member-only (including Flagmaster 117 to date)
  • International Congress of Vexillology (ICV): widen your horizons at this biennial world gathering
  • Expert comment, enquiry and advisory services: ask the Flag Institute Media and Enquiry Teams
  • News: keep up to date via website, RSS, Facebook and Twitter
  • Voting rights: shape the Flag Institute’s present and future
  • Volunteering opportunities: contribute as a Trustee and/or Officer
  • Flag Institute lapel pin
  • Flag Institute Member/Trade Member logo

For further information, including 2020/2021 subscription rates, please click here.

The Flag Institute Flag

The Flag Institute flag is a stylised representation of a quarter of the Union Flag, creating a dynamic image of vexillology moving forward.

Designers: Chief Vexillologist Graham Bartram and Communities Vexillologist Philip Tibbetts

Flag Institute's Flag
The Flag Institute Flag