More flags at UK Parliament

Flags are flying in the House of Commons precincts, an historic first that sends an ‘important message of welcome’ to all.

Following a Commonwealth Day ceremony on Monday 8 March, three flagpoles now stand at ground level in New Palace Yard.

The location offers much greater visibility than the existing flagpoles high on Portcullis House and Victoria Tower.

And the Union flag can fly alongside those honouring distinguished overseas guests or marking significant dates in the annual calendar – for example, United Nations Day, Pride in London or Armed Forces Day.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons, suggested the idea.

The Speaker also led the Commonwealth Day ceremony, which closed with the raising of the Union flag, the Commonwealth flag and a flag marking International Women’s Day.

Photo credit and more information: UK Parliament here.

A First for Montserrat

On Wednesday 17 March Montserrat became the first British Overseas Territory to see its flag hoisted by the UK Parliament.

The flag flew to mark St Patrick’s Day – celebrated by the Caribbean island as a national holiday in honour of its Irish heritage.

Ireland and Montserrat are the only two countries in the world to mark St Patrick’s Day with a national holiday.