Bloxwich Adds to Black Country Community Flags

The town of Bloxwich in the Black Country is the latest addition to the registry. It features a green and black cross on white with a tree and lion which recall legends and events in the towns past.

The flag can be seen in the registry here

Bloxwich not only follows the growing national trend for community flags but also a strong local trend in the Black Country.

Our Communities Vexillologist said:

“It is always a pleasure to support any community developing its own flag, but it is a particular joy to be able help back in my native Black Country. The Midlands generally and the Black Country specifically have been leading the national movement for registering flags for and by the community and Bloxwich is the latest to continue this growing trend. Bloxwich follows Finchfield, Kingswinford, Willenhall and of course the both the Black Country and neighbouring Birmingham in not only successfully registering flags but doing so through design competitions.

“The results of these competitions never fail to impress me, being innovate, bold and meaningful – this design for Bloxwich elegantly achieves all this. I particularly like the good use of colour tying to local institutions and the symbols recalling local history and legend. The design is a testament to the rich history of a proud town and to the organisers – especially Stuart Williams and Martin Morris – for their work. I am pleased to see Bloxwich take its rightful place in the registry alongside the flags of the Black Country, Mercia, England and Britain and perhaps flying together with them”.

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