Flag Institute President’s Dinner


Dear Friends,

Last year’s conference and dinner was such a success the Flag Institute has not only returned to the city of Birmingham but also to St Paul’s for our President’s Dinner.

As was the case last year a number of VIPs from the city having been invited to join us and add to the general air of excitement and to underline just how much Birmingham values such prestigious visitors.

The meal will cost £35 a head for:
Vegetable Soup
Roast Lamb with Roast Potatoes and Vegetables OR Vegetarian Option
Apple Crumble with either Ice Cream or with Custard
Cheese and Biscuits
Coffee and Mints

Dress code will be black tie and time will be 19:30 for 20:00

I hope very much you will be able to attend, with guests, as this promises to be a most memorable and enjoyable event again. Please register below.

Yours cordially

Philip Tibbetts

Communities Vexillologist


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  1. ron strachan 5 November 2014 at 5:55 am #

    Philip, One other query, are you having a traders table, I may bring some flags along from Oz and is there anything on whatsoever on the Sunday, regards Ron.

    PS. Do you know of a flag shop in Cornwall, if so where.


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