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Wales wins the World Cup (of flags) 2022

Wales wins the World Cup of Flags 2022! The Red Dragon crushed mighty Brazil, grabbing 93.5 per cent of the votes. ‘Wales wins. We salute you,’ tweeted exhausted competition host Bernard Muscat. ‘Long may your glorious flag fly free across valleys and over mountain tops.’ 1000s of votes were cast in the month-long Twitter poll, […]

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Flag of Wales: a blood-red dragon on a field of green

Y Ddraig Goch (The Red Dragon) has officially been the flag of Wales since 1959, though the principality being represented by a dragon dates back to 830. The Red Dragon itself can be dated back to the Roman occupation of Britain or Arthurian Legend. Merlin prophesied of a battle between a red and a white […]

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Wales: no change to Union Flag

In an interview for BBC Wales this morning Charles Ashburner, a Welshman and the Flag Institute’s Chief Executive, has gone on record as saying that moves to change the flag of the United Kingdom to include Wales are “unlikely to be successful for the foreseeable future.” Mr Ashburner suggested that whilst such a change might […]

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