St Magnus’ Cross

Flag Type:  County Flag
Flag Date:  10th April 2007
Flag Designer:  Duncan Tullock
Adoption Route:  Letters Patent (Lord Lyon)
UK Design Code:  UNKG7402
Aspect Ratio:  3:5
Pantone® Colours:  Red 485, Yellow 109, Blue 300
Certification:  Lord Lyon King of Arms

The Orkney Flag, or St Magnus’ Cross, is a community flag proclaiming the unique identity of this historic Scottish county.

For many years Orkney used a flag with a red Scandinavian cross on gold, but the Lord Lyon, who controls flags in Scotland, refused to register it as it was too similar to the arms of the Earls of Ulster. In 2007 Orkney Council held a competition to select a new flag. This was won by Duncan Tullock of Birsay. Lord Lyon approved this design.

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