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de Guader Banner

Flag Type:  County Flag
Flag Date:  C11th-C17th
Flag Designer:  Traditional
Adoption Route:  Traditional
Aspect Ratio:  3:5
Pantone® Colours:  Black, White, Gold 123
Certification:  Flag Institute Chief Vexillologist, Graham Bartram

The Norfolk Flag is a community flag proclaiming the unique identity of this historic English county.

This design is the banner of the arms attributed to Ralph (Ranulph) de Gael (de Guader), first Earl of Norfolk (1071-1075). The de Gael banner has been used to represent the county throughout the centuries and forms the basis of many county society emblems. In 1904 the de Gael arms formed the basis of the county council arms, however the red chief with royal emblems were added by request of King Edward VII

A number of local public and private bodies expressed their support for the flag, collated and co-ordinated by Dominic Victor Maverick Smith, notably including the Norfolk Family History Society and the Norfolk Broads Authority. Norfolk County Council were approached but decided to neither support or oppose the registration and not to request their own banner to be registered either.

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