Flag Type:  National Flag
UK Design Code:  BERM0001
Aspect Ratio:  1:2

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  1. BRIAN WILLIAMS 3 May 2014 at 12:01 pm #

    I have just travelled on the Cunard’s Queen Victoria, from Fort Lauderdale to Southampton, via Madeira. Having a Boatman’s licence I am very interested in ships flags/ensigns. The Queen Victoria is registered in Bermuda.
    While docked in the USA she was flying the defaced Bermuda ensign and the USA courtesy (on the mast) flag. when away from the USA the ship was flying the British Red (not defaced)ensign.. On arrival at Southampton I watched with interest the flags flying —-ONLY the UK ensign!! I asked to talk with a Deck Officer about the flag situation, was told I Quote officers are to busy to talk with passengers. The Purser did contact me to say that Cunard is a FULL British company and has a letter from the Bermuda Authority to fly which ensign they choose !!!! checking on the internet regarding the Country of owner ship . 100% USA.

    I was given your website details by the Southampton Harbour Master .. I hope that you can put light on the subject . Kind regards Brian Williams (Retired British Airways Captain)

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