NZ Flag: speech at Victoria University

John Key MP, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, has made a speech at Victoria University in Wellington, launching his proposal for a referendum on the future on the nation’s flag. You can read the speech here.

It is a most impressive, thoughtful and statesmanlike view of the significance of a national flag in the life of a country, and demonstrates very clearly how important a flag is to the cohesion of the community of people over which it flies. It shows that responsibility for national symbols is taken at the highest level in New Zealand (as it is in other major Commonwealth countries).

Above all else Mr Key’s speech demonstrates that a national flag must never be taken for granted or just left to look after itself; it needs nurturing and protecting and treating with reverence and dignity. Whatever your view on what he says, I strongly commend his speech to all who come this way.

Malcolm Farrow. President, Flag Institute

Malcolm is also author of The Colours Of the Fleet, the most comprehensive worldwide list of flags and ensigns, past and present, containing the Union flag.

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