Register of British Flagmakers

The Register of British Flagmakers is a premium Flag Institute membership open to firms manufacturing flags in the United Kingdom.

To apply for registration, flagmakers must submit the full UK postal address of their manufacturing facility, provide reasonable evidence to show how long they have been manufacturing flags in the UK, and pay a subscription in advance.

The Flag Institute Register of British Flagmakers is not a quality mark. It confirms only that a member manufactures flags in the UK, and their longevity in this respect.


Upon acceptance, UK flagmakers will be entitled to use one of the new ‘Flag Institute Register of British Flagmakers’ marks, indicating how long the applicant has been manufacturing flags within the UK: white, 0-4 years; bronze, 5-9 years; silver, 10-24 years; gold, 25+ years. Flagmakers will also be listed on the Flag Institute website as members of the Register of British Flagmakers.


Applications will be considered promptly and decisions notified within seven days by the Flag Institute Trustees. All decisions will be subject to confirmation at the next Flag Institute Conference (usually held in March and November). The Flag Institute reserves the right to de-register any manufacturer which ceases to be eligible for the scheme.


The Flag Institute will levy a registration fee of £250, payable annually in advance and used to further the published aims of the Flag Institute in accordance with its constitution. UK Flagmakers joining the Register of British Flagmakers will not be required to renew any existing Trade Membership (2020 rate – £69).