Vote now in the FA Cup of Flags!

The FA Cup of Flags is here!

Check out the Flag Institute Twitter poll, #FACupOfFlags – a prestigious competition to identify the UK Flag Registry‘s top flags.

From the comfort of your bedroom – covered wall to wall in flags – flag nerd in isolation or sports fan missing your competitive fix, you know you want to join in …

The FA Cup of Flags kicked off on Friday 24 April with a poll to find the best registered village/town/city flag in Wales. And the winner was ….

Tywyn, with 40 per cent of the vote.

Tywyn now goes forward to play the flags of the seven registered Welsh counties for the #WelshCupOfFlags.

Meanwhile Cardiff resisted a late surge from Craig-y-Dorth to finish second and join 35 English towns in the #FACupOfFlags first-round qualifiers.

Flags are grouped in pools of four and daily voting starts on Sunday 26 April.

To the polls!