A new flag for Birmingham

The City of Birmingham, England’s second city and the largest local authority in Europe, has formally launched a flag competition for a design to be registered with the Flag Institute.

Deputy Lord Mayor Cllr Mike Leddy, chair of the Birmingham Flag Project Team, said:

“You may well think that Birmingham already has a flag, but this isn’t the case as the flag flying over the Council House belongs to the council and no one is allowed to fly it without the council’s permission. I believe that a Flag for Birmingham will instil civic pride, allow Brummies to express pride in our community, celebrate our heritage and culture and raise greater recognition and awareness of Birmingham nationwide. That’s why I’m launching a competition to create a people’s flag for Birmingham.”

Supporting the competition on behalf of the Flag Institute is Communities Vexillologist Philip Tibbetts. Philip Tibbetts said:

“Birmingham has been a welcoming venue to the Flag Institute for several years so it especially nice for us see it decide to run a design competition and register a flag with us. Registering a flag for the second city really shows how large the community flag movement has grown to be. It has been a pleasure to work with the Birmingham Flag project Team, led by Cllr Mike Leddy and with the support if Birmingham City Honorary Vexillologist John Gale and Birmingham City Honorary Armorist Adrian de Redman. The city has such a rich history, industrious pedigree and creative flair that I am excited to see the designs that come in ”

The competition is now open for submissions until 31st March. Full details on the competition, including how to enter, can be read here: http://www.birmingham.gov.uk/communityflag

For advice on best flag design principles the Flag Institute-NAVA joint guide can be downloaded here: http://www.flaginstitute.org/wp/product/guiding-principles-flag-design/

The full Birmingham Council press release can be read here: http://birminghamnewsroom.com/2015/01/flying-the-flag-for-birmingham/

Philip Tibbetts is a Strategy Analyst with BAE’s Combat Air & International Strategy team; responsible for International Market Analysis. Philip is also Communities Vexillologist at the Flag Institute, which primarily involves engaging, liaising and supporting local and regional communities who are seeking to develop a flag and have it included in the UK Flag Registry.

communities@flaginstitute.org | @DocTibbetts

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  1. Charlie Bonner 24 March 2015 at 6:18 pm #

    Just emailed my flag proposal!