Statement: Flag Institute President

Statement by the Malcolm Farrow, President of the Flag Institute

“I would like to endorse most strongly the words of Andrew Rosindell MP – Chairman of the all party Flags and Heraldry Committee.

It has been a privilege to work with the Committee for the last six years, during which we have together raised the profile of our national flag and brought matters concerning it to the notice of government.

We now look forward to continuing this work with increased impetus, with the aim that our nation should take the same level of interest in our flag, and give it the same degree of respect, as do those in other countries such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

It is our view that the proper consideration of a national flag can be a very positive element in the development of social cohesion and nation building, especially within the increasingly diverse comunities that now exist throughout the United Kingdom.”

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One Response to Statement: Flag Institute President

  1. Chris Green 9 November 2014 at 8:05 pm #

    The International Association of Amateur Heralds welcomes all efforts to ensure that national flags accurately reflect their heraldic origins. We look forward to the Union Flag receiving the same legal protection given to the national flags of other nations.

    Chris Green
    President IAAH