Chair of F&HC calls for immediate action on UK flag

Statement by Andrew Rosindell MP, Chair of Flags and Heraldry Committee

“Since our founding in 2008, the Flags and Heraldry Committee has worked with the Flag Institute to promote proper governance of our national symbols. Together we have pushed government hard to recognise the importance of the kind of basic care of our national flag which other countries have long enjoyed for theirs. 

Weighed down by poor advice and the vested interests of those giving it, progress within government on this issue has been interminably slow. Enough is enough;  

I have now sought and received, from the Flag Institute trustees, their pledge to work tirelessly (with us and in the nation’s best interests) towards the speedy resolution of the UK’s flag governance deficit. 

I urge Her Majesty’s Government to take action to resolve this vital issue once and for all before the end of this Parliament.”


2 Responses to Chair of F&HC calls for immediate action on UK flag

  1. Kevin Halleran 22 September 2014 at 8:10 pm #

    The U.K. government should specify that the correct blue colour to be used in the U.K. flag is the blue ( pantone 300 ) of the Scottish flag since the U.K. flag is supposed to be a combination of the English red cross on white flag and the white cross (salter) on blue Scottish flag plus the red cross (salter) on white St. Patrick’s flag . It is unbelievable that The Flag Institute and the Flags and Heraldry Committee would not support the use of the correct blue (pantone 300) in the U.K. flag.

  2. Mr S 22 March 2015 at 7:53 am #

    The blue in the Union Flag is closer navy because of the maritime origins of the Flag. in early Flags, the blue was indeed closer to that of the St. Andrew’s Saltire, but this was not easily visible at distance, therefore the blue became darker and richer over the centuries.
    it is hoped that this conjecture can clarify