Flag Institute to introduce Electronic subscription category

In his speech to the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 16th November 2013 at the Birmingham and Midland Institute, the Flag Institute’s Chief Executive (Charles Ashburner) outlined a number of proposals related to member subscriptions.

The subsequent vote of members authorised the Trustees to implement the following changes:

  1. The creation of an Electronic Subscription category of membership. At £20 per year, this low price option will provide all the standard benefits of Flag Institute membership such as voting rights, meetings and social events etc. , but without copies of our Flagmaster journal being mailed to them. Instead, Electronic Subscription members will receive PDF versions of Flagmaster. We hope to be able to implement this by the end of November. 
  2. It was agreed that the Flag Institute, as a general principal, should aim to raise at least £5 of operational funds from each member paying an annual subscription. This sum is calculated as being the amount of a subscription remaining after the deduction of the cost of maintaining the Flag Institute Library, production and distribution of Flagmaster, membership of our London headquarters. 
  3. General Membership Subscriptions are to rise to the following levels with immediate effect: UK Member £26 / Non-UK-Europe Member £37 / Non-UK-World Member £42

It is hoped that by restructuring funding in this way, with a reduced cost electronic option and more productive standard options, the Flag Institute will be better placed to meet its charitable objects both now and in the future.