The Flag Institute becomes a charity

The Flag Institute has had the goal of becoming a charity for some years, but it has taken a long time to achieve it.

On June 19 2013, about eighteen months after we formally started down the road to becoming a charity, working out what type of charity we wanted to become, writing a new constitution (two of them in fact), holding votes at our general meetings, appointing trustees, etc., we were registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organization in England and Wales, No. 1152496.

Our object or aim, as stated in our constitution, is to advance education for the benefit of the public in all aspects of flags and vexillology.

Our thanks go out to the trustees who steered us through the process and to our members who put up with being presented with very long and complicated legal documents to digest (although we hope they didn’t actually eat them – we can’t guarantee the ink was “food safe”!)

Now we start the next phase in our Institute’s history, as we work to live up to that deceptively simple aim.