New at the William Crampton Library

Recent Additions to the Flag Institute’s Library include:


LONDON ORGANISING COMMITTEE OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES AND PARALYMPIC GAMES. Flags and anthems manual, London 2012 (London, LOCOG, 2012) donated by Tom Randall

La connoissance des pavillons ou bannières que le plupart des nations arborent en mer (The Hague, van de Kieboom, 1737)

REED’S House flags and funnels of English and foreign steamship companies and private firms 3rd edition (Sunderland, Thomas Reed, 1900)

HILDEBRANDT, AD.M. Album der deutschen Reichs- und Staatswappen, Flaggen und Kokarden (Leipzig, Hobbing, n.d.)

ARAGON. CONSEJO ASESOR DE HERALDICA Y SIMBOLOGIA DE ARAGON. Compilacion de normas y orientaciones para la creacion, rehabilitacion y modificaion de simbolos municipales en la Comunidad Autonomia de Aragon (banderas, escudos, sellos) (Zaragoza, Gobierno de Aragon, 1994)

EDE-BORRETT, Stephen. ‘The eagle and colour of the Légion Irlandaise 1804-12’, in: First Empire Magazine 46 (1999) pp20-23 donated by the author

TIBBETTS, Philip S. & SABER, Jason. The Caernarfonshire eagles: development of a traditional emblem and county flag, 2nd edition (, Association of British Counties, 2012) donated by Philipp Tibbetts

UNITED STATES NAVY, Allied Translator and Interpreter Section, Southwest Pacific Area. Signal flags used by Japanese naval and merchant ships (Research Report No.96) ( GHQ Southwest Pacific Area, 1945)

МАКЕДОНСКИ ХЕРАЛД / MACEDONIAN HERALD Issue 5 July 2011 includes an article on the national flag by its designer, and a survey on Macedonian civic flags; issue 6 includes an article on civic heraldry