Register of British Flagmakers

The Register of British Flagmakers is a premium Flag Institute trade membership.

It highlights flagmakers that manufacture in the United Kingdom and denotes how long they have done so: white, 0-4 years; bronze, 5+ years; silver, 10+ years; gold, 25+ years.

It is not, however, a formal quality mark.

The current members of the Register of British Flagmakers are:

How to apply

Please supply the following:

  • full UK postal address of your manufacturing facility
  • evidence to show how long you have been making flags in the UK

The Flag Institute Trustees will consider each application and forward their decision within seven days.

All decisions are subject to confirmation at the next Flag Institute Conference.

The Flag Institute reserves the right to de-register any flagmaker that ceases to be eligible for the scheme.

Subscription rates 2020/21

A fee of £250 is payable prior to registration, then annually in advance.

This fee is inclusive of standard trade membership (2020/21 rate – £69).

The Flag Institute will use all fees to further its published aims in accordance with its constitution.