Devon Day: Feast of St Petroc

4 June 2023 all-day

St Petroc (c.468–c.564) ministered throughout southwest England.

One Response to Devon Day: Feast of St Petroc

  1. A.S.G. Blackmore 6 June 2014 at 12:20 pm #

    The Devon flag is a very pleasant eye-catching design, but the only small pity is that it breaks one of the basic rules of Heraldry, – namely : no two tinctures (colours) can be adjacent to one another. In this case, the Sable (black) should not be in contact with the Vert (green). The only way round this problem would be to emulate the Union Flag by adding an Argent (silver) fimbriation (narrow border) between the Sable and the Vert. It would then be absolutely heraldically correct. Incidentally, in Heraldry, there are no colours white or yellow, and instead two metals are employed – Argent (silver) and Or (gold). The cross which appears as white would actually be the heraldic metal Argent (silver), but white is commonly used, especially on flags, like the Union Flag). That is why the fimbriation should match the cross, using silver of white.