Flag Institute Media Contacts

REMEMBER: None of our trustees, officers, or vexillologists receive any payment from the Flag Institute for the expert advice you receive from us free of charge. Where the contribution you receive goes beyond simple advice (for example in cases where lengthy discussions are required over an extended period), please consider making a small freelance payment to the contributor in recognition of their time.  Many of our experts are also happy to conduct live or recorded TV and/or radio interviews; in which cases please ensure that any relevant travel expenses are covered in addition to any freelance fee.

If you have a general media enquiry please use the contact form at the foot of the page. If your enquiry relates to current breaking news and you wish to speak to an appropriate officer of the Flag Institute immediately, please choose one of the following:

Charles Ashburner. Chief Executive. 01792 650046 (07747 613344 after 5pm week & weekends)

Contact for: Interviews for newspapers and other printed media. Policy statements. Reaction and responses to breaking news.

Charles’ particular area of vexillological interest is the use of flags for political purposes in the UK. Charles specialises in predicting public reaction to flags and flag policy.

Graham Bartram. Chief Vexillologist. 01895 673310

Contact for: TV news and comment (live and recorded). Debates (live and recorded). National radio (live or recorded). Print.

Graham has designed many new flags, including those of Tristan da Cunha, the UK Border Force, the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant and St Margaret’s Westminster, and is the UK’s foremost expert on flags and flag-use.

Malcolm Farrow. Hon President. 07946 569707

Contact for: Local/Regional Radio (live and recorded). Print.

Tom Randall. Editor, Flagmaster (the Flag Institute journal). 07941 290824

Contact for: Local/Regional Radio (live and recorded).

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