Sutherland Flag Vote Announcement

In the interests of county unity, the Lord Lieutenant has ordered the Sutherland Flag Committee to put the shortlist of entries for the Flag Competition and to a binding vote by the people of Sutherland.

This follows the previously announced period of reflection that had been called for by the Sutherland Flag Committee. During this time the Flag Committee received both messages of support and dis-approval for the chosen design. In the light of this polarisation it was felt that the best option was to have the final decision chosen by public vote.

The vote will include the original chosen design along with the other designs that were in the final contention for the judges vote. All these flags met the criteria for good flag design and met Lyon Court requirements. Having a vote on these finalists will mirror the process of other competitions elsewhere in Scotland – such as in Caithness and Tiree.

Planning for the vote is now underway and further details will be made known as soon as possible. The vote will be organised with support from the Flag Institute and endorsed by the Court of the Lord Lyon. The Flag Institute has now taken down Sutherland flag registry page for the duration of the competition.


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